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The market development trends of global LED in 2016


2015 will be past, in the coming 2016, what’s kind of situation the global LED market will be? Which new emerging market should we chase? Intelligent lightingindustrial lighting, automotive lighting, or even not visible lighting technology and so on. It indicates segments market have attracted more and more attention and layout by industry. Then, how to grab market share for the LED light supplier China?


It is reported that the market penetration rate of LED market will be increasingly continued to reach 30%,LEDinside institution show that the global LED shipments will increase 30% at least in 2016,but there are something problem in supply and demand, like the 330° LED glass tube wholesale is bothered by the technology and price. According to Chinese customs data, in October 2015,China LED lighting total exports almost reach $1.132 billion, increased by 8% year to year, and the month to month  decline of 13%.October is the national vacation month, the speed of experts will affected, but compared to the same point of view, with 34% in 2014,the growth speed is slowing.


Affected by the economic slowdown in Europe and America, the speed of China LED lighting experts growth is declining clearly in 2015.So China LED manufactures are gradually into emerging market such as southeast Asia, Africa. The emerging markets export of LED lighting is grow faster clearly than the Europe and the United States those developed regions.