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What Is the price structure of a LED Panel Light


Mainly include the following parts:

1.Border and floor
LED panel light frame and floor according to different material and its heat dissipation performance is not the same,the price is also different.The price of 6063 aluminum profiles is about 50-80 yuan (different prices are different).

2.The light guide plate and the diffusion plate
LED panel light factory production line price between 60-80 yuan(12).The light guide plate is one of the most important factors to determine the quality of the LED panel light.The use of light guide plate quality can make the finished surface LED plate light emitting more uniform.Will not appear dark spots,water,etc..

3.Beads and patch
Now on the market,the 3014 11lm is often the price between 0.13-0.16.The lamp has stable performance,Good brightness,light a small decline,but the color index is much better.600x600LED panel light 360 light bead,about 53 yuan.Are basically using 11x23 or 11x26mil chip,chip chip or Penny /pcs.

4.Aluminum substrate
LED panel light is surrounded by 4 aluminum substrates,two sides into the light has 2 aluminum substrate,600x600 each about 1.5 yuan.

5.Power Supply
Power supply is the most important factor affecting the price of LED panels.Power supply is not good,directly affect the life of the LED panel lamp.UL power supply performance is relatively stable.The price is about 53 yuan,the price of TUV power supply is about 33,the other is CE power supply.

Simple packaging,then a few dollars can be done,a little better,such as the 10 piece of money is the four corners plus a world cover carton,and then add an outer carton packaging.

Accessories have foam pad cotton,adhesive tape,wire,terminal,the cost of about 5 yuan.

8.Labor expenses                                                                
10 people a day 300.Output by 1800 yuan/person/month,1800 yuan/30X10=600.Labor costs about 2 yuan/piece.
In summary,the LED panel light costs about 250 yuan -280 yuan between,if you choose a good point of the material,the cost may be more than 300 yuan.