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What is the benifit of using a LED light?
As more and more businesses and consumers accept LED lighting, most of them are not aware of its benefits and the impact on our fragile environment.
LED is a kind of clean energy, high luminous efficiency, a day for eight hours are at work, light can continue to 40 years, the energy bill for $50 to one third of the carbon dioxide reduction. In addition, there is no one really cares about other benefits. So let me turn on the lights to explain the real benefits for you.
Since there are no harmful chemicals or gases, so there are safety and health benefits. In contrast, fluorescent lamps containing mercury, if not properly handled, can cause serious health problems. A fluorescent lamp can contain 4 grams of mercury, enough to pollute seven thousand gallons of fresh water.As you know, if you can have many dangers. This is why we recommend when fluorescent lamp or CFL light bulb is broken, the building's HVAC system or air furnace should be immediately shut down.
The traditional lighting produces infrared and ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which can damage human's eyes and skin cells in a long time.Besides,it also attracts people from central cities to rural areas, which affects the migration of insects.It is also interesting that it leads to the development of the LED industry in turn.
The flickering fluorescent lamp, which is invisible to the naked eye, can cause a headache. It also makes the worker's eye fatigue.LED tube can eliminate this problem, so that workers are more focused on work and production.
2.Save money:
Up to 95% of the power, the traditional light lost the production of heat, only 5% of the power is used to generate light. Compare a LED, 95% power conversion for light, only 5% are hot. With those comparisons, you can clearly understand why LED is so efficient. For an enterprise, the other factor is not required frequent replacement reduce the maintenance costs for several decades, converting to LED may result in saving up to 90% of the expenses.